PGP and low back pain can start at any time during your pregnancy, either gradually or quite suddenly and often the symptoms improve with rest. For most women PGP is a mechnical problem and typically responds well to a mechanical approach, such as chiropractic treatment. Research has found that Acupuncture is helpful in reducing pain and mobility. Penny uses a combination of both where appropriate. 
The main symptom of PGP is pain, which can be felt anywhere in the pelvis, down the thighs or across your low back. You may hear a clicking in the pelvis and pubic area. The pain tends to increase and intensify with most activities, especially walking, standing, sitting, climbing stairs, turning in bed and dressing.
Penny is widely experienced in treating and relieving the symptoms of PGP in pregnancy. She uses a combination of gentle mobilisation of the spine and pelvis and may include medical acupuncture where appropriate. General health advice during pregnancy and for babies and children

With a special interest in relieving back pain and PGP in pregnancy and extensive additional training in caring for pregnant women and babies, Penny has helped hundreds of mums in Jersey over the last decade.

Penny was a saviour in my pregnancy for my back pain! thanks again Penny.
— Lauren Le Moignon