Transforming working/studying at home from passive to flexible and dynamic

We often have to play detective when trying to help our patient’s discover the likely cause of their back or neck pain. These days most of us have been given a work station assessment on starting a new job and these are generally updated annually, although in the UK sadly this isn’t the case at school/university! However, sometimes we discover that our patients are working or studying at home and haven’t thought to apply the same criteria to having a comfortable working environment at home as they do at work. Often they are working on a kitchen chair at a table or on their lap on the sofa! Students are often working on the bed or floor and would benefit from standing to work, after a long day spent sitting at school or university.

Sometimes patients would benefit from using a stand up desk at home, this is why we are excited about our versatile new product, the Freedesk!

Take a look at the Freedesk. Beautiful, portable and affordable. With its unique Swedish design, Freedesk transforms any surface from being passive to being flexible and dynamic. With optional stylish canvas carry case. The small is suitable for a laptop plus an A4 paper, or choose the large if you need a bit more working room. Perfect for encouraging students doing their homework or for anyone studying at home as well as enhancing your office space at an affordable cost.

NB: Normal rules still apply!! Take regular breaks to relax your muscles, eyes and brain. We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes away from the computer every hour.