New Premises at Club Soulgenic!

Joining the Wellness team at Club Soulgenic in January 2018 was an exciting move for us

Alongside our chiropractic and acupuncture care we have always encouraged our patients to aim for a 360 degree approach to wellness, stressing the importance of exercise, diet and good mental health as the key to optimal physical health.

Having easy access to the outstanding facilities, personal trainers, yoga and pilates teachers in Club Soulgenic, together with the wellness team all under one roof, enables our patients to  deepen their understanding of physical function, good health and work on their physical fitness by accessing the skills and knowledge of our colleagues.  Thus offering a unique,
cohesive and synergistic blend of wellness care. 

Working alongside our colleagues in the Wellness Suite and with all that Club Soulgenic has to offer fits well with our own ethos and identity of wellness.

We are excited to welcome you into our new home soon, new year - new you? Book online to see us very soon.

Grant and Penny

Penny Henderson