The Seven (Ergonomic) Habits of Highly Effective People

To paraphrase Steven Covey’s multi-million selling guide to success in business, we find that effective and successful people have similarities in their approach to life and work. They have the engrained habits that streamline their day.

Whether we are an office junior or a CEO, we can all adopt these to achieve a greater success in our chosen field. After much discussion, we would make the following observations….

  1. Cut the clutter efficient offices look different. Clear your desk and keep files to a minimum, aim for a flow of work across the desk and regularly file finished work.

  2. Learn to slouch slouching correctly by leaning back in your seat reduces the pressure in the disks of the lower back. Leaning forward increases the pressure. Adjust your chair so you can lean back.

  3. Get the heads up sitting back in your chair with your shoulders against the back will bring your head over your shoulders. The weight of your head will be carried down through your shoulders into the backrest. This simple change will reduce fatigue in neck and shoulder muscles.

  4. Mark time take ‘micro-breaks’ to reduce optical and muscular fatigue. Every half hour stand up, walk round the chair and sit down again. Our muscles and eyes are designed for movement, not being in one position and looking at a screen all day.

  5. Stand up for yourself whenever you get the chance get up from your chair. The ideal solution is a desk that allows you to stand or sit at the touch of a button. Try to use the phone standing up; stand-up meetings are shorter, more focused and more productive.

  6. Take some ‘me’ time A small part of every day, week or month that is just for you. A few minutes reading the paper or doing a crossword over a coffee or cup of tea. Meet friends for a meal, film or show. Time spent relaxing away from work will recharge and revitalize you.

  7. Exercise, exercise, exercise small amounts of regular exercise will generate huge health benefits over time. Walking to and from work, using the stairs and using a stand up workstation will increase your heart rate and improve alertness by oxygenating the blood supply to your brain.