How to use lavender oil

With children in the house, Lavender is one essential oil that should definitely form part of your First aid kit at home, says Penny Henderson, qualified Aromatherapist, Chiropractor and mum of 3 and granny of 3!

Essential oils are thought to help fight infection, promote healing, providing parents with an excellent natural remedy for treating their children. Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-depressant and is sedative. It promotes healing and prevents scarring and also stimulates the immune system, contributing to the healing process by stimulating cells to regenerate more quickly.

Cuts and grazes. Bathe area with 1 pint warm water with 10 drops of Lavender, it stings less than disinfectant and the aroma is calming for both mum and child. If using a plaster, put 1 drop of lavender on the plaster before applying.

Minor burns, run under cold water for ten minutes if possible, if not, add ice cubes to small bowl of cold water, moisten flannel in the iced water, add 2 neat drops of lavender and apply to the burn. In older children or adults you can apply a few drops neat to the burn. This prevents blistering and promotes fast healing of the burn. It works like magic.

Insomnia or difficulty relaxing - you can’t beat a nice warm bath with a few drops of lavender diluted in a teaspoon of milk, add to bath once its run. For infants twelve months – 5 years, use 1 drop per year to a maximum of 3. Then 3 drops until 7 years, 4 drops between 7-10 years and 5 drops 11-12 years.

Massage for insomnia and other little worries! Add 1 drop of lavender to a teaspoon of almond oil and enjoy massaging your little one’s back or feet. This should send you both to sleep!

Penny suggests a wonderful book, The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. After 34 years of parenting, Penny says her copy is well thumbed, well used and barely held together with sellotape. 

Penny buys locally produced lavender from Jersey Lavender.