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Lister Surgery, 8 The Parade, St Helier

Jersey, JE2 3QP and

Lister Surgery, Quennevais Parade, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8FX

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Local businessman

"Penny was excellent when I was suffering from neck problems and helped resolve and eased the pain very quickly. My daughter has also had treatment. I would have no hesitation recommending Penny." 


Businessman and father of 4, St Clement

"Grant and Penny look after the spines of our whole family. Couldn't be mobile without them!"


Office worker and sportsman, St Helier

"I have used Grant many times over the years and he is always the first person I recommend to anyone who needs a Chiropractor."


Jersey Financial Director

"Grant and Penny provide a very professional and quality service in terms of delivery and results across all age groups"


Gisela Olsson

Penny has her clients health at heart and goes out of her way to help. I was in terrible agony with back and shoulder pain just before my holiday and a 8 hour flight in front of me, Penny not only managed to slot me in for two emergency treatment before we left, but gave me great advice how to get the most out of the treatment as well as holistic remedies that could help my recovery. With a total of 5 sessions I was as fit as a fiddle. I highly recommend Penny and Grant at the Active Chiropractic Clinic.


Local Mum

"I was in considerable pain when I was diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain at six months pregnant. I was told there was nothing that could be done but Penny's treatment relieved the pain and enabled me to carry on with life."


Mum of Two

"I suffered from severe pelvic girdle pain in the later stages of my pregnancy. I had been given suggestions to 'manage' it such as warm baths and Paracetamol but nothing helped and I began to struggle to walk without severe pain, let alone run around after my toddler! I was given Penny's details and after one session there was a marked improvement in my mobility and the pain was hugely relieved. After the second session I felt so much better and was able to carry on to the end of my pregnancy with very little thought of pelvic girdle pain and have a delivery that wasn't impeded by the condition. Thank you Penny!"


Laura Perez

"Penny was amazing when I was pregnant with my second daughter. She helped me cope with the physical strains of a pregnancy whilst also having to chase after a little one.  Her service stretches past just treatments. She had so much useful advice to offer, from exercises and relaxation to posture and labour techniques."



"I have been seeing Penny since I had my son nearly 2 years ago, and she has worked miracles on my back.  I first started seeing Penny every 2 weeks, and then once a month.  I recall about 6 months ago, I was barely able to walk into the Clinic, more like crawled, and I walked out with a spring in my step! I saw Penny monthly throughout my second pregnancy and remained pain free throughout, which is remarkable compared to the unbearable back pain during my first pregnancy. I cannot recommend Penny enough, she is not only an excellent practitioner, but lovely to talk to and really understands her patients. Thank you Penny." 


Baby Leah's Mum

"Penny- you treated my daughter while I fed her and I would absolutely confirm how warm and welcoming your practice is!"


Mother of Two

"You really helped with both my children as babies, such a huge diffence after a tricky birth, and then again you helped to settle a clingy colicy baby! Many thanks."


Rachel Hall

Penny saved me considerable pain and discomfort during my second pregnancy and post pregnancy when I had very serious debilitating ongoing problems and pain. I would hobble into her clinic on crutches and walk out! She was also a pleasure to see and talk to - I believe she has magic hands! I can't imagine how I would have managed without her.


11 year student

'I felt faster after my first treatment'