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By Penny Henderson, Nov 18 2015 08:22AM

This week we are using Eucalyptus oil in clinic, either in a diffuser or as a blend in massage cream. Eucalyptus is best known for its antibacterial properties, fighting colds and respiratory problems, while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes, reducing inflammation, easing sore muscles and headaches.

A good oil to keep at home too, add 3 drops to 5ml of oil for massage or 5 drops into an oil burner.

The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood is an invaluable book to have for the use of essential oils in the home.

By Penny Henderson, Oct 6 2015 12:04PM



In 2015 BackCare surveyed 900 secondary school pupils (11-16 years) across the UK and discovered that two thirds of UK secondary pupils have experienced back pain. One in four suffers from back pain regularly or daily, this was higher amongst girls (27%) than boys (19%). Neck and shoulder pain were also very common, affecting a similar number.


School bag burden was found to be common and strongly linked to back pain. Half of those surveyed said their school bag often or always felt tiring or too heavy for them. Back pain was ten times more common amonst pupils with heavy or tiring school bags.


Prolonged sitting – Pupils were asked to estimate the number of hours they spend sitting per day during school, mealtimes and home time. The survery revealsed that UK secondary pupils sit for an average of 9 hours per day! Back pain was almost doubled amongst pupils with higher than average sitting times.

Studies have linked sitting for more than 4 hours per day with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression and dementia.


Our lifelong relationship with health begins in childhood. But are schools creating the next generation of back pain patients?

Thanks to Backcare for this article, more information can be found on their website,

By Penny Henderson, Sep 8 2015 02:24PM

Focussing on Migraine Awareness Week 2015

Migraine affects 1 in 7 people, that's over eight million people in the United Kingdom alone, making it more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined. The World Health Organisation recognises migraine as one of the most disabling lifetime conditions yet awareness and understanding is low.

Migraine is a complex neurological disorder with no known cause or cure. Unfortunately many people will suffer from migraine for years throughout their life negatively impacting upon their work, family and social lives.

Research shows that mechanical treatment such as Chiropractic treatment can help relieve the pain and prevent the frequency of migraines. Acupuncture has also been shown to be helpful in treating migraines.

Grant and Penny use a combination of gentle Chiropractic, Acupuncture treatment and massage when treating to prevent or alleviate the frequency of migraines.

Make an appointment with either Grant or Penny, book online using the 'Book Online' button at the top of the screen, or call 617987 if you prefer.

The Migraine Trust has a wealth of information and advice regarding prevention and treatment of migraines.

By Penny Henderson, Aug 26 2015 04:15PM

Most us are aware that spending all day sitting at the desk increases the risk of back and neck pain and is not good for us. Several recent studies have linked the increase in sitting at work to a much wider range of health issues. These include increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancers; it may even reduce our life span.

The good news is that we can help ourselves by moving more. A study in Australia, published last week in the European Heart Journal, found that office workers, who spent more time standing, had lower levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. Those that took more steps also found that their waistlines shrank and their BMI improved.

As an experienced Chiropractor and Ergonomic Advisor, Grant has seen the effects on backs and necks of prolonged sitting. In Scandinavian countries employers found that investing in stand-sit workstations paid significant dividends, leading to improved health, productivity and wellbeing and noticeably reduced absenteeism and its related costs. Some enlightened employers in Jersey are beginning to introduce stand-sit desk options and are seeing the benefits.

Grant's top tips

1. Sit back. Bring your keyboard and mouse closer to you and sit back in your chair, with your shoulders against the backrest of the chair. This will reduce strain on your lower back and take some of the pain out of your aching shoulders!

2. Take breaks. A short ‘micro break’ every 30 minutes, stand up walk round your chair and have a quick stretch. Every hour take 5 minutes to walk a little further, ideally take the stairs.

3. Move more. Always leave the desk at lunchtime and have a 20-30 minute walk. If possible spend up to two hours a day standing at your workstation. It’s worth the effort!

Grant using a stand-sit desk at Active Chiropractic
Grant using a stand-sit desk at Active Chiropractic

By Penny Henderson, Apr 28 2015 09:14AM

On behalf of Active Chiropractic Clinic Penny has once again been awarded the prestigious Patient Partnership Quality Award (PPQM) by the Royal College of Chiropractors.

The award of the Patient Partnership Quality Mark recognises Active's commitment to meeting the expectations our patients have when they visit us for advice and treatment. Our aim is to continually improve our levels of service and we always welcome feedback from our patients to help us achieve this.

The PPQM is awarded bi annually to chiropractic clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectations in a range of areas including patient communication, accessibility, cleanliness, safety. This is the third time we have achieved a PPQM.

Congratulations to Penny for all her hard work involved in submitting Active for this award!